Mission Statement

It is my desire to open up a dialog between all factions of our society. My goal is not to preach not to pass blame and not to complain. I have after a long life accepted that life will go on with me or without me and I am not the center of the universe only a part of it.

It is my belief that if I wish to find my reason for being, then my only true option is to navigate through the highs and lows that is this life absorbing all that it offers, so that when my time comes to move to another plain – either oblivion or eternity – I will know that I have lived and living was a worthwhile adventure.

It is also my belief that life does not work in a vacuum; the quality of life in the present is linked to the actions of those in the past. As such the actions of those in the present will determine the quality of life in the future.

So maybe the meaning of life is simply to understand that you have choices, you can sit idly by relying on the endeavors of others or you can proclaim your relevance by making a positive contribution. It is only through the discovery of self-belief that a person can find their true potential and it is through this exploration that the answers to life’s great questions can be found. It is with this mindset that I celebrate the discovery of my life’s ambition.

They say the pen is mightier than the sword; it is my hope that by using the power of the pen you and I can negotiate our differences, if we can do this then we may be able to bridge the divides that are eroding our daily lives. Through this peaceful process if we unite then maybe we can build a society that celebrates diversity but demands equality and that is a good reason to get out of bed each morning.