Left vs. Right, Black vs. White A Nation Divided. Author David Mulatto

I recently was a guest on a radio show, when it was over the host commented that they thought there would be some who are going to want to suppress my book.  My response was it’s true there are those who benefit from anarchy, as the saying goes the powerful get more powerful and the rich get richer during recessions. However my view is if my writing is going to have meaning then it is going to have to resonate and be more effective than the sweet deceptive words of those who prey on society’s insecurities.

I wrote this book not to complain, not to judge and not to preach; my goal is to enter into a debate with those of you out there in the land of confusion (incidentally that’s where I live) on the issues that are fragmenting our culture. If we don’t figure out a way to re-direct our current course then I truly believe that everything we take for granted today will be gone and the new world that replaces it will be far different than the one we currently complain about, but in hindsight might realize was quite special.

Because we are all genetically similar I stand by the belief that the emotions we feel as humans are all within a certain range.  When I was young I remember well the pain that was inflicted on some of my counter parts because of a characteristic they publicly portrayed. A child who is bullied for any reason feels pain just as much as I did being called a racial slur on the school playgrounds. The depth of pain and suffering a human can feel is not monopolized by skin color, it is monopolized by environment.

When I wrote this book I was asked ‘Who’s your audience?’ Everyone is my response. I say this because this book has many parts each part will reach a person differently.


Abandonment and isolation This is an issue for many, I write about how I dealt with it and how I overcame its natural tendency to breed negative actions.

Racial Anger  Many ask why are blacks so angry; I share why I was so angry for a while and the experiences of racial isolation that pushed me out of mainstream and into my own world of victim acceptance.

Religion I explore the questions of why I am here or do I even care.

Economics Why we as a nation are destroying our economic engine by borrowing so heavily on the future.

Life issues. When does life really start?


There are so many parts to this book, the above topics are but a few, the only way you will be able to truly get its magnitude is to read it. However I must caution you, it will make you think. It will make you mad, it will make you laugh, and it may even make you cry.

If you are a person who likes to stay in one place exploring nothing then this book is not for you. If you are a person who, like me, wants to open up dialogues in new directions so maybe we can avert some of the catastrophes heading our way, then I welcome you as part of the silent majority that is slowly beginning to realize it’s time to wake up.

Thank you and enjoy.

Coming soon on eBook.

David Mulatto.